Table Artists

Dear Angelene,

Your Grandma J (me) loves dishes, as did your great-great-grandmothers, Maggie Lambert Jackson and Gertrude "Tudie" Pierson.  A few months ago, I found out there's other people like me who love to set tables.  And we have a name -- tablescapers.  I like to think of us as table artists.

As you grow up, Angelene, look for a way to express the artist inside of you.  Someday you may encounter a wall that prevents you from going forward.  But you can craft passage to the other side by using your creativity.

Angelene, these photos are for you -- so you can remember Easter 2010 -- and for my fellow tablescapers (not a few of whom are moms and grandmas, too)! 

The silver candlesticks belonged to one of my grandmas (either Maggie or Tudie -- I can't remember).  I took the ribbon off my Easter Lily from the grocery store and tied bows around the candlesticks.  The bows repeated the yellow in the chargers, which were from Crate and Barrel -- only $14.95 for four.   Grandma Jackson -- Maggie -- gave me the Buttercup silverware, which I treasure.  And the white dinner plates and Franciscan salad plates are not only from TJ Maxx, but TJ Maxx on clearance!!

I only had eight of everything -- and Angelene, you made nine.  So you had your own special place setting!  I hope you'll use it every Easter!  I found the bib at Fresh Vintage Shop on Etsy, another gathering place for creative souls.  They have wonderful handmade clothing and accessories for children:


In its real life, the rabbit is a casserole dish, not a vase for bright pink roses!

Some eggs on the table were real, some plastic, some paper mache, and some cloth -- whatever was on sale!

The bird's nest came with fake eggs, and I placed some real eggs on top that we dyed the weekend before Easter.  The real eggs jazzed up the nest a bit!!  The green polka-dot pitcher held maple syrup for the french toast casserole.  The pitcher came from pre-Easter foray to Marshall's on Saturday, when I should have been cooking!

The bunny mugs held the fruit salad.  And each guest received a favor with candy and a memo clip.  I cut up Easter cards (the chicks with sunglasses) to put on the clip and add some whimsy.


Here's a birds-eye view of a setting.

And here's the entire table:

Your mom (my wonderful daughter-in-law, Stefanie) took many of these photos.  Your dad helped me cook up a storm.  And my brother gave me a camera for Christmas so I could start taking pictures.  This really was a family affair. 

Easter was pretty successful!  Here you are on your way home from Grandma J's!

Many thanks to Susan of  "Between Naps on the Porch" for hosting Tablescape Thursdays.  I've been enjoying Thursdays for months now and am pleased to contribute my Easter table.

All my love to Angelene,
Grandma J


  1. Hello, and welcome to the land of Blogging. :)
    Your table is cute, and I love the way you talk to your gdaughter on the blog. Very creative.


  2. "Table Artist" - I love it! Looks like you had fun!

  3. Nice table, I am sure Angelene loved it. Greetings from germany, Johanna

  4. Beautiful the charger plates. I am sure if Angelene is around you for any amount of time she will come to love dishes,'s in her blood!

  5. Such a sweet letter to Angelene! And your table is just spectacular. I love those dark pink roses in the bunny casserole! Isn't it fun to use things from our grandmothers! I feel such a tie to them when I use their pretty things.

  6. Cute post for Angelene. Love the fact that things are passed from generation to generation.

  7. It's beautiful. I adore the way you are writing your blog to your granddaughter. I am a new granny myself. What a wonderful idea.

  8. What a darling idea to write to your granddaughter on your blog! Are you going to have it made into a book? Love the term "Table Artists!" Your table is really pretty, you have so many cute Easter things! My grandmother had the Buttercup silverware, but I didn't inherit it :-(


  9. What a fun, happy and creative table! I love it :)

  10. Hi Ridgely, I love your tribute to your sweet granddaughter. I'm sure this is something she and future generations will treasure. The love between a grandmother and her grandchildren is like no other. I love my two granddaughters and enjoy all the special time spent with them. Your blog is lovely and I see that you are very talented! I love your Easter Table, how lovely!

  11. What a sweet table for your sweet little grandgirl! How wonderful to have so many family memories attached.

  12. Ridgely,

    Your granddaughter is very lucky to have you as
    a grandma. She will cherish your words and pictures. Wonderful table design.

  13. What a lovely blog!!!! so precious. I love the left hand turns story (one day I will have to tell you my story of fear of the interstate in general) I need to get over it. You are preserving and creating memories, how wonderful. Great job!

  14. Such a pretty Easter table, and Angelene is a little doll. laurie

  15. What a darling tablescape -a true gift for a child.