I'm Gonna' Be How Old?

Dear Angelene,

You're gonna' be one year old, that's how old! And your grandparents risked life and limb to get your backyard ready for the birthday party next week. Grandma J had a hard time with the heat at the nursery when we picked out flowers for the flower boxes (105 degrees heat index today in Chicago). And Grandpa Dave and Grandma Esa got battered when the brand new party tent they put up decided to fall over.

But we soldiered on, got all the flowers planted (Grandma Esa and your mom began planting, and then your dad took charge and finished). Your mom swam with you in your little pool, and she washed more fish-themed dinnerware than she probably wants to see in a lifetime (Grandma J found a good sale). And we decided on final tasks for the week: cake, balloons, flowers, party favors, last-minute items, and, of course, live goldfish to give to all your friends. Grandma Esa is exhausted (she worked on your birthday party since 7:30 this morning), Grandma J almost had heat stroke, and Grandpa Dave hauled, drove, assembled, and gardened -- all for Angelene's birthday. Whew! We're almost ready for your big day!

I have no wise message to slip into this letter, no family memory to tell you about (other than the one we made today). I just want to let you know how much you are loved, how everyone is making this birthday special for a special little girl, and to post this wonderful picture of you!

All my love, Grandma J

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