"I'm with the band."

Dear Angelene,

When I was a teenager, I always wanted to say "I'm with the band." I figured any girl who could say those words was popular and had a boyfriend. But the closest I came (and it wasn't very close) was going to the Cellar, a teenage nightclub in Arlington Heights, where I was both the secretary of the Shadows of Knight Fan Club and the hat-check girl. There weren't too many hats, but I also collected everyone's dollar as they came through the door.

But last night, at your mom's spectacular performance at the Congress Theater, I got to say those words, "I'm with the band." I arrived at the Congress early, could not stand too long in line waiting for the venue to open, and I said those magic words. They worked, I got in, and the experience was just as sweet as if it had happened 50 years ago.

Your mom's band, The Right Now, performed as the opening act for another band -- but everyone said The Right Now should have been the headliner. Your Grandpa Dave said "The Right Now owned the Congress Theater last night"! And I said that the band "conquered the Congress"! The Right Now was golden. It was quite a night.

The picture at the top of this post shows your mom on stage at the Congress last night wearing her beautiful Betsey Johnson dress with a purple tutu. There's also a picture of The Right Now poster, a portrait of your mom, and a shot of the entire band during the soundcheck.

After the concert, I felt high on the triumph of the band and the wonderful little family made up of your papa (my son), your mama (my daughter-in-law), and you (my Angelene). There's also your Grandpa Dave and Grandma Esa, your Uncle Bruce and Uncle Ryan, and me.

I'm with the band.

Love, Your Grandma J

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  1. Ok Grandma J. If this continues I may need to contact Kleenex for a tissue endorsement.